ISTE Coaching Standard 3: Digital Age Learning Environments

Technology coaches create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students.

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

The Covid-19 outbreak has shown us two different sides of technology use in education. On the one hand, we are very fortunate to have so many useful digital tools available during this time of emergency remote learning. I imagine how different things would have been 25 years ago, before web-based apps, video conferencing and high speed internet. 

On the other hand, we are seeing that even as amazing as some of these tools are, they require a device and support that many families do not have and that districts are struggling to supply. And even with a device, the tools don’t provide anything close to what students get through in-person instruction, particularly for K-12.

I see Coaching Standard 3: Digital age learning environments to be a little about the tools, but mainly about how the tools can help activate learning, thinking or creative expression. How do they allow a student to do more than if they only had their analog counterparts? How do they enable collaboration and connection with their teacher, other students or people in the community?