ISTE Coaching Standard 6: Content Knowledge and Professional Growth

Technology coaches demonstrate professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in content, pedagogical, and technological areas as well as adult learning and leadership and are continuously deepening their knowledge and expertise.

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

Resonant Idea: Jack of all trades

As I read the description of this Standard I am struck by how broad it is. Coaches need to show knowledge and skill in content, teaching, and technology plus adult learning and leadership. To do that successfully it seems one would need:

  • Years spent teaching at the grade levels being supported
  • Experience instructing and managing adults
  • Deep knowledge of both the how and why of technology use in education

That is a big job to fill! But the variety and challenge is also what is appealing to me about the profession. It requires a holistic approach that incorporates both boots-on-the-ground and birds-eye understanding of the organization one works in. You can’t have tunnel vision and be a successful coach.

Recognizing that it is hard to be all those things at once, the standard also calls for “continuously deepening knowledge and expertise.” A technology coach’s job is never done because there is always more to learn – and that’s a good thing!